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Iron Jack Wests Newcastle Webtile 1280X8545
All Clubs

IRON JACK is the story of a man who embraces the freedom and challenge of this hot, rugged country, with a reputation built on conquests in the wild and an ability to spin a good yarn over a cold beer and a generous feast of his day’s catch.

3.5% ABV
Low bitterness (8 IBU)
Preservative free
No Additives
30% Less carbs than regular Full/Mid strength beers
99.9 % Sugar free

Brewed for thirst crushing refreshment.

Iron Jack is a mild, mid strength lager with low body and low bitterness to produce an easy drinking beer for maximum refreshment. The beer is fermented with lager yeast and fermented cool to produce the clean, fresh taste that makes it so sessionable. The subtle use of Saaz hops to add complexity and give the impression of a fuller beer is evident in the aroma and late flavour characteristics of the beer.

Stop in at your local Wests Club to grab a schooner of IRON JACK for $5 Members / $5.85 Guests.

Buy any Iron Jack and receive a scratch card for your chance to WIN* select IRON JACK goodies such as stubby coolers, hats and t-shirts available at select Wests bars.

*Terms and conditions apply. 1 in 6 wins instantly. Hurry, only while stocks of limited Scratch & Win cards last. Limit applies of one (1) entry person per day. Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/17/16182.