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Brydens Lawyers

Did you know that recent studies have shown at least 45% of Australians do not have a valid Will in place? Do not be a part of that statistic. 

Present your Wests membership card, and Brydens Lawyers will ensure your wishes are abided by – with the drafting of a simple will for only $100 (+gst).

As part of our commitment to ensure that we continue to look after you and your Estate, for this offer to be taken up, the Will must provide for the appointment of Brydens Lawyers as the solicitors for the Estate in order to facilitate the payment of all debts and distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Also, a simple will as referred to will include but not limited to a Will that provides for the appointment of an Executor/Executrix and/ or Trustee with provision for the transmission of the Estate to a partner and in the event that the partner predeceases the Testator/Testatrix then the Estate is to pass to any children. A simple Will will not include a Will that involved distribution of the Estate in any complex or complicated manner.

COVID-19 Update


In line with government imposed restrictions, we have temporarily closed all Wests Clubs including Wests New Lambton, Mayfield, Cardiff, City and Nelson Bay. The Wests Group is closely monitoring and responding appropriately to the situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19) and advice provided by the Australian Government Department of Health. Members and guests are encouraged to check our official website www.westsnewcastle.com.au and Facebook page www.facebook.com/westsnewcastle for the latest information.