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Our nib Newcastle Knights Sports Nutritionist and Dietitian Rachel Svenson shares with you some nutritional advice and tips.


By now many of you who are new to the WFH (Working/Work from Home) scenario have probably worked out that it takes a bit of discipline to schedule breaks for morning and afternoon tea, and a usual lunch break.

Working from home and managing your food intake takes a bit of thinking and planning to get it right. And it’s not always easy. Here are a few tips that just might help your daily routine work better for you:

Pack your foods for the day:

Before you sit down at your desk to start your day’s work pack the foods that you are going to eat for the day. Just as you might pack your lunchbox or bag for work, do the same but for home. Have this on a shelf in the fridge. This will mean you are less likely to make other food choices from the pantry and it can help keep your portion sizes in check.

Keep hydrated in the morning:

We often get hungrier in the afternoon because we are thirsty, but our brains think its hunger. Afternoon is often the time when cravings kick-in and we double check the top cupboard for the chocolate. By keeping well hydrated during the morning we can be less hungry in the afternoon.

Choose a fluid. Choose a fruit or vegetable:

If you have found yourself grazing throughout the day, then set yourself a routine of choosing a fluid first before you choose a food. Sometimes we are actually thirsty and not hungry at all, but our brain thinks its hungry. Instead of a fluid which would help with our hydration we often go for an unnecessary food choice. If you are heading to the kitchen make it a habit that you find a low-sugar fluid first, then choose a fruit or vegetable snack. This might be enough to tide you over until the next meal.

The 20-minute rule:

If you find yourself moving towards the kitchen and know it’s not really time to be eating set a timer on your phone for 20-minutes. Often after 20-minutes a craving can pass. Alternatively use the fluid and fruit or vegetable idea above and then wait 20-minutes before you decide if you are still hungry. 

We Are Open | June 1

We are pleased to confirm that from Monday 1 June we have reopened Wests New Lambton, Mayfield, Cardiff, City and Nelson Bay. Clubs have reopened in a modified format providing access for Wests members only from 10am daily (New Lambton from 9am Sat & Sun)

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