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7 Days

Wests City now operates a paid car park for everyone coming into the venue.
Parking is available on-site with 140 spaces including disabled parking.

FREE Car Parking for members & guests:

  • Members and guests can receive free all-day parking by spending $20 or more (between 10am and close of trade) at any ground floor outlet. 
  • Members will then present their parking voucher and parking ticket to reception, and their ticket can be validated. Guests must present $20 worth of receipts (between 10am and close of trade), plus their parking ticket, at reception to receive ticket validation.

We have two car parks located on site:

  • The King Street underground car park is located underneath our Wests City Club entrance is via King Street. Flat fee of $3.00 per hour.  
  • The Bull Street hangar parking is located to the side of Wests City, entrance is via Bull Street. Daily fee of $2.00 per hour.  Early Bird Parking Special if your vehicle is in between 6:30am - 8:30am and out before 6pm for a flat rate day fee of $10.00. Please note, this special is only applicable to Bull Street parking.

FREE Car Parking - Sundays from 9am to 6pm
If you have lost your parking ticket, the fee is $48.00. The ticket machine will issue the lost ticket. All cash payments are to be made at the machine inside Wests City in the foyer. Credit card payments can be made at the exit gates. Mon to Sat rates apply.